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The MR Agency would like to thank all the editorials that has highlighted the agency's main activities and exhibitions such as the Mark Shaw exhibition, Behind the Scenes of Haute Couture, the Paris d'Hier exhibition and this year's exhibition “Man on the Moon: 50 Years.”

The agency under the name of Melissa Regan Editions also promotes design lighting collections such as the collection of Desjeux Delaye Lighting. Find articles from ELLE Magazine, MILK Magazine, VOGUE, Madame Figaro,...


2021-10-07 While the rest of the world shut down, many members of Paris’s fashion elite refused to let the pandemic get in the way of a good time.


2023-01-26 MR Agency has become renowned in the French Real Estate market specializing in selling and renting stunning properties. Melissa Regan Devoegle and her team also rent showroom and pop-ups in Paris.


2023-07-11 Voted a key player in the world of events by Le Point, MR Agency excels in the privatization of special venues and the creation of memories and emotions...


2024-05-19 MR Agency founder Melissa Regan shares her experience of life in France as an American. She explains how, over the past 20 years, Paris has proved to be the ideal place for her to set up a business, start a family and enjoy the multicultural environment.


2021-03-03 The worlds of fashion, art and design are tearing themselves apart. With a rich catalog of exceptional Parisian spaces, Melissa Regan offers a unique rental service.


2021-01-08 Galleries are the only alternative to quench your thirst for creativity. For one weekend only, MR80, located in the Marais, welcomes “Unbuilt”, an exhibition orchestrated by curator Alexandra Fau.


2020-11-07 It is the union of old school American elegance and Parisian chic: this week, Tiffany & Co. presented its new collection for men in Paris. The iconic house, founded in New York in 1837, transformed Galerie MR21 into an elegant bachelor apartment for the occasion.


2020-11-03 Melissa Regan Editions, passionnée par les belles choses et forte de son expérience dans l'événementiel, Melissa Regan développait en 2017 ses activités en se lançant dans l'édition d'objets et de mobilier design. Page 28.


2020-10-25 Un voyage dans le temps aussi angoissant que divertissant. Situé en plein coeur du quartier latin à Paris, le Pavillon Rive Gauche accueille jusqu’au 11 novembre une expérience théâtrale et immersive inspirée de la nouvelle de Washington Irving.


2020-10-06 Recently renovated, the Pavillon Rive Gauche is preparing, in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, to welcome new experiences for Parisians. A former cinema that later became a restaurant, the Pavillon Rive Gauche is once again changing.


2020-08-18 Multipattern: Un'Americana a Parigi, La californiana Melissa Regan voleva ‘una location d’eccezione’.


2020-04-16 Puma Rose Buck, photographed in the new mr8 gallery, has got a hold of her mom, Sybil Buck, a ruby haired mermaid, was the grunge fashion icon of the 90s. Today Puma Rose poses for us without the best looks of the season and tells her first straightforward fashion week.


2019-12-16 New York Cottages & Gardens highlights Melissa Regan, American expatriate in Paris and MR Agency. Her passion for art and design lead her to grow the agency and acquire new locations throughout the years.

Le Parisien

2019-07-26 Le Parisien, French historic daily newspaper, includes the Moon Landing Exhibition in their popular selection of ongoing events in the capital. Dive into the experience of technology from this period and discover an exhibition featuring objects, photos, movies and installations influenced by the Space Age.


2019-07-24 How to do know what to do in Paris, follow    « Que faire à Paris » website, which features the variety of objects that Moon Landing exhibition exposed at Galerie MR80 in Le Marais. To celebrate this global happening, The MR Agency summers exhibition commemorating this moon landing and invites you to discover, at Galerie MR80, a multidisciplinary exhibition open to the public.


2019-07-23 L’Officiel des spectacles selects the best cultural happenings in Paris and includes the Moon Landing exhibition at Galerie MR80 in Le Marais .


2019-07-17 Le BonBon introduces 6 key events to celebrates 50th anniversary of first man’s step on the moon including MR Agency’s Moon Landing Exhibition in Galerie MR80 at Le Marais running through September 14th.

Arts in the City

2019-07-08 Arts in The City introduces the Moon Landing exhibition at Galerie MR80 within its agenda of events not to miss in the French Capital. The exhibition looks back to the design, fashion, music revolution during Space Age.


2019-07-16 Le Figaroscope, Paris go to guide; recommends checking out the Moon Landing exhibition in Le Marais in celebration the 50th anniversary of the first man’s step on the Moon.


2019-01-27 The prestigious Vogue magazine features the Moon Landing exhibition at Galerie MR80 in its selection of the best current Paris exhibitions not to miss.
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2018-09-27 The prestigious AD magazine features interior architects Desjeux&Delaye, including their designs for Melissa Regan Editions with the collection « Lightning » available on www.melissareganeditions.com


2018-09-25 elledecor.com introduces the Desjeux&Delaye Lighting collection, edited by Melissa Regan Editions, in occasion of the launch of www.melissareganeditions.com.


2018-08-10 Telerama highlights the exhibition of Paris d’Hier at the MR80 Gallery within their recommended artistic program


2018-08-06 LE ROYAL MONCEAU’s artistic agenda proposes the key events not to miss, including the exhibition Paris d’Hier at the MR80 Gallery.


2018-07-29 The prestiges institution, La Tour d’Argent selects the best cultural happenings in Paris including the exposition Paris d’Hier as the MR Agency which looks back to the economic, political and social transition that took place in Paris between the post WW2 years and the 70s’.


2018-07-29 BFM TV, French news chanel, interviews Melissa Regan and features the selection of photographs from Paris d’Hier at the MR80 Gallery of Le Marais in occasion of the weekend report.

Le Royal Monceau

2018-04-22 Luxury hotel Royale Monceau outlines the best artistic agenda of the week and features Cyril Lancelin at the Galerie MR80.

20 Minutes

2018-04-16 As part of the Parisian artistic spring, MR Agency presents an installation by Cyril Lancelin at the newly opened MR80 in the Marais.


2018-07-13 LE PARISIEN, historic daily newspaper, includes Paris d’Hier in their popular selection of ongoing events in the capital. A selection of 30 photographs in black & white and in color, depicting the capitals transition from the post-war years to the 1970s.

Expo In the City

2018-04-23 Expo In the City includes Cyril Lancelin's exhibition as a must see at Galerie MR80.

Le Bonbon

2018-04-19 Le Bonbon introduces the exhibition of Cyril Lancelin at the Galerie MR80 in his list of "top designations" for the weekend


2018-07-13 Réponses Photo introduces the exposition Paris d’Hier at the MR80 Gallery within its agenda of art appointments not to miss in the French capital.

Connaissance des Arts

2018-04-11 Cyril Lancelin exhibits for the first time in Paris his immersive art at GalerieMR80.

Mairie de Paris

2018-04-11 Cyril Lancelin proposed an architectural reflection on the artistic sphere at Galerie MR80 after his installation in Hong Kong.


2018-07-13 MOWWGLI, a trendy cultural magazine , features the Melissa Regan Agency for its recent exhibition « Paris d’Hier » as it looks at Paris during a key transition period of political, economic, social and urban character.


2018-04-27 IDEAT highlights the Cyril Lancelin exhibition and the newly opened Galerie MR80 under the supervision of interior designers Dejeux Delaye.


2018-04-04 Cyril Lancelin, already followed by more than 35,000, exhibits for the first time in Paris at the Galerie MR80 in the Marais.


2018-04-09 After its installation in Hangzhou and for the first time in Paris, Cyril Lancelin made one of his immersive works in the newly opened Galerie MR80 in the heart of the Marais.

Le Bon Marché

2018-03-21 Le Bon Marché introduces "L'Autoritaire" by MELISSA REGAN EDITIONS designed by Desjeux Delaye in the pictures of the article entitled "Mirage".


2018-04-28 LCI reports on the Cyril Lancelin's exhibition in the new Galerie MR80 in the Marais during the weekly morning cultural program, in the newly opened Galerie MR80 in the Marais.


2018-02-22 Oscar Coop-Phan presents his latest exhibition Chassés / Croisés in the Galerie MR14 in the Marais.

France 5

2018-01-19 France 5 featured in its show called "La Maison" the Desjeux Delaye lamps by MELISSA REGAN EDITIONS.


2018-03-14 Melissa Regan gives "carte blanche" to Bernard Vidal-Nathalie Bertoux and the artists they have been supporting for 25 years for an exhibition on the occasion of the inauguration of his new space in the heart of the Marais, Galerie MR80.

Milk Magazine

2018-01-11 Milk Magazine interviews Alysson Paradis in MR Agency’s exceptional apartment.

Marie Claire

2017-11-24 Marie Claire Maison highlights the design of the Design & Tradition brand which furnishes the former private apartment of Gabrielle Chanel.


2017-11-18 The MR Agency’s Galerie MR14 brings back to life the period of glory of 1950s Fashion Show thanks iconic photographies of Mark Shaw.

Elle Decoration

2017-11-10 & Tradition has partnered with The MR Agency to modernize Gabrielle Chanel's former private apartment, an iconic place steeped in history, by decorating it with contemporary furniture and objects.


2017-10-11 Discrete and charming // Should you desire a different backdrop to silky béton brut, why not hire Coco Chanel’s erstwhile apartment for your photoshoot.

Best Archi Design

2017-10-06 Mélissa Regan, creator since 2016 of « The MR Agency », a network of exclusive places in Paris, welcomes in her galerie a brand-new exhibition of four French designers and editors, Aurelia Bire, Desjeux Delaye lighting, Playground edition and Serge Mouille Editions.

Ad magazine

2017-09-20 The interior design duo Desjeux Delaye presents a collection of twelve luminaires, suspensions and sconces, created for the decoration of the private apartment of Gabrielle Chanel and edited by Melissa Regan Agency.

Zakaria Press

2017-08-17 At the Galerie MR14 Gallery of Melissa Regan Agency, relive the ambiance of a 50’s haute couture via the Mark Shaw Exhibition.

Milk decoration

2017-08-13 The interior designer duo Dorothée Delaye and Daphné Desjeux design Gabrielle Chanel's former private apartment for Melissa Regan with their first collection Lighting.


2017-08-08 On the occasion of Dior’s 70th anniversary and simultaneously with the exhibition "Christian Dior, couturier of the dream" at the decorative arts museum, Galerie MR14 reveals Mark Shaw’s work and goes behind the scenes of the Haute Couture of the 50s.

The Hip Paris Blog

2017-07-26 This summer, The MR Agency grabs Le Marais with a summer exhibition tracing photographies of the talented Mark Shaw.

L'oeil de la photographie

2017-07-11 Melissa Regan with the Mark Shaw Photographic Archive Foundation, presents a series of photographs at Galerie MR14 dedicated to Mark Shaw's for haute couture houses such as Dior.


2017-07-10 Vogue presents Galerie MR14 exhibition on Mark Shaw as a trip to the real 50s dressmaking salons immortalized by the famous photographer.

Madame Figaro

2017-05-30 Madame Figaro Magazines section of the best galleries during the Paris Design Week including Galerie MR14, which has become a meeting place between haute couture and craftsmanship.

Expo in the city

2017-05-10 Expo in the city highlights the Mark Shaw exhibition where The MR Agency offeres a plunge back into the bustling Paris of the 50s at the Galerie MR14 in the Marais.


2017-04-21 Le Figaro features Melissa Regan, founder of The MR Agency, who has created a network of locations for fashion, art, and design.

Le Parisien

2017-04-10 Galerie MR80, located on the busy Rue de Turenne in the Marais, hosts the monumental works of Cyril Lancelin.
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