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How to organise an event while Covid-19 is still active?


It is possible to organise certain types of events in our locations by respecting the safety and hygiene rules in place by the Government and applying them onsite. While respecting the current sanitary measures, it is entirely possible to organize: a pop-up, an exhibition, a private dinner / cocktail, a virtual showroom, a press day, a photo / video shoot … here is how:

How to visit and discover our spaces :

In order to envision the future and to help you plan a next event, MR Agency can organise virtual visits of our galleries and organise video-calls on zoom, skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp, limiting face to face contact when possible.

Venue preparation :

Reinforced cleaning is done before your arrival using adapted disinfectant products and applying sanitary precautions.  You will be assured to arrive in a clean environment, controlled by one of our internal Covid-19 compliance officers.

Arrival and inventory of fixtures :

At the time of your arrival we will do an inventory in order to establish a list of materials at your disposal as well as the general state of each room.

MR Agency can now organise a check-in and inventory electronically.  We can also organise a contactless check-in and check-out in order to respect social distances by using a lock box for the keys. The box will be disinfected and a unique code will be given to you so that you can retrieve the keys easily.

During the event :

For events open to the public, we will be able to assist you with booking a security agent who will be in charge of enforcing the flow of customers in the location and will apply hand sanitiser gel to any person entering our location.

We suggest that your suppliers arrive one at a time in order to best respect the social distances. They will be required to wear a mask in our establishments, including the common building areas, to ensure that hygiene measures are respected. 

We also advise you to do a thorough cleaning at the end of each day. Professional cleaning can be organised by MR Agency upon request (this service will be charged to you).

Regarding masks, don’t hesitate to inform your clients or suppliers when you confirm their appointments with you that masks are required.  Cloth masks should be washed after 8 hours of use, and disposable masks changed every 4 hours.

It is also strongly recommended to make hand sanitiser gel available to the staff and participants of your events.

A Covid representative from MR Agency may drop by to assist you in complying with the health rules to be followed and put in place.

Additional tips

Contactless payments have been made easier by VISA raising the limit to 50€. Contact your bank and ensure this is activated to further reduce hand contact.

Have you thought about customised pens with your company logos? Giving out customised pens can limit the spread of the virus and allow for additional small communication tool.

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