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Ideal places for showrooms


The MR Agency offers you a set of unique locations, ideal for showrooms during a fashion week, pop-up stores and product presentation events, located in the Marais, Saint Germain des Prés and the 8th districts of Paris.

The showrooms can address either the general public or a restricted audience, such as buyers and professionals of the industry. In this case, we speak of private showrooms accessible by invitations only.

The organization of a showroom allows companies to make themselves known to the public and professionals, to develop a brand identity by conveying a positive and dynamic image of the company, to assert a notoriety, to present a new collection, to reach a new clientele as well as to facilitate sales.

The organization of a showroom is a strategy used mostly by professionals who are showcasing prototypes of their upcoming collection. Professional buyers have the opportunity to select a variety of models they wish to market, place an order that will then start the production and after, will be offered to a public sale. MR Agency’s premises are suitable for organizing a showroom where visitors will be able to have a full physical experience of the product’s presentation. Also, a virtual showroom could be organised with scenography and order taking via E-commerce platforms.

For the showrooms being usually of a short duration, it is essential and necessary to choose the ideal geographical location for the event, thus optimize the investments. It is an essential element in the success of your event. A place in adequacy with the right type of chosen customers will bring in more attention to the event. MR Agency’s venues are strategically located in the central districts of Paris such as the Marais or the 8th arrondissement and close to metro and bus stations as well as parking lots. Organizing a showroom in a busy area ensures the passage of potential new customers.

The services we offer in a showroom :

To facilitate your visit in Paris during Fashion Week and to facilitate the organization of your showroom we also offer our services for :

  • Logistics and transportation
  • The sourcing of racks and displays
  • Safety and security
  • Storage equipment from season to season
  • Reception

How to organize a showroom? With our internal team and the most recognized external service providers, we strive to provide you with the best services to ensure the success of your event. Throughout the sales season, The MR Agency is entirely dedicated to you, so that you can concentrate fully on your customers.

We adapt ourselves to your request:

The MR Agency strives to meet all your requests. Our unique locations for rent in Paris can be offered empty or furnished. Our desire is to help you create an unforgettable event taking into consideration the values, products and goals of our clients.

All our venues are equipped with :

  • High speed wifi connection
  • Removable spotlights
  • Various types of furniture
  • Fully equipped kitchens
  • SONOS speakers (on request)


Triptyque d'un Showroom



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