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Pavillon Rive Gauche - Saint-Germain

Rent an ERP space in Saint-Germain

8-10 Rue Frederic Sauton

The Pavillon Rive Gauche, 420m2, has been renovated and redesigned as a category 3 ERP ( Public establishment) Type N location. The MR Agency proposes a cultural center and restaurant suitable for a wide range of artistic and cultural activities: exhibitions, private viewings, fashion shows, showrooms, fairs and private events, as well as conferences and concerts.

This 420m2 space is composed :


Two floors plus mezzanine with an elevator and double entrances, is located at the corner of rue Frédéric Sauton and rue des Trois Portes in front of the Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral, near Montebello quai and close to the Institut du Monde Arabe. The historically classed store front has been resorted with the French Architects de Bâtiment de France and benefits from a 25m2 terrace on the street.

On the ground floor you will find a 150m2 open space with natural light, a semi-professional restaurant kitchen and two toilets, one of which is wheelchair accessible.  The structure of the ground floor was reinforced in order to support 2 moteur vehicles inside, making it ideal for a car exhibition.

The monumental staircases give access to the 50m2 mezzanine, with two balconies overlooking the main room, ideal for a technical control room, a back office room, a confidential meeting space or a backstage.

The downstairs is a large space of 190m2 accessible by the main stairs, the elevator (suitable for wheelchair accessibility) and a direct access from the rue des Trois Portes. It is ideal for shows, sit-down conferences, showrooms, exhibiting monumental art work, live concerts, or fashion shows. The architecture of this unique space with 5.5m high ceilings is highlighted by numerous curves and raw materials combined with marble detailing.

This space is designed to accommodate your events and exhibitions, it is equipped with a 500pax wifi system, 380v power supplies, a professional sound and lighting system and an elevator. The MR Agency team can assist you in the production of all your event and technical needs you may have.

This public establishment for rent, designed for temporary events, restaurants, exhibitions, shows or conferences, is classified with authorization to operate until 2am. The ERP Type N category 3 will allow, post-Covid, a capacity of 196 people on the first floor and 339 people in the main area and on the mezzanine (excluding staff).

For more information, visit the Pavillon Rive Gauche website. www.pavillonrivegauche.com

WIFI 300pax // prises 380v // Tables & chaises à la demande // Espace de stockage // Cuisine semi-pro // Cimaises // Système vidéo projecteur disponible sur demande
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