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Crypto Week comes to Paris


Crypto Week comes to Paris

2022 July

The world of cryptocurrency and digital exchanges has exploded.

Experts predict that a substantial percentage of the world’s GDP will be made up of crypto in the next few decades. People and industries worldwide are increasingly utilizing cryptocurrency for transactions, fundraising and other business activities.

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is an alternative payment method to fiat money. It can be utilized as both a currency and an accounting system and exclusively exists virtually but holds significant value. Cryptocurrency is utilized like paper currency, with owners transferring money to others to make purchases.

Blockchain is a term that goes hand in hand with cryptocurrency—those who use cryptocurrency use blockchain as an accounting ledger. Transactions and deals are recorded on this digital ledger. Blockchains include benefits beyond recording crypto transactions, like supply chain management and storing medical documentation.

As the use of digital technologies synonymous with cryptocurrency and blockchain comes to be more prolific, so become seminars, summits, panels and events about these fields.

As a country with proximity to the world and home to one of the largest tech communities, Paris is a place many companies and organizations choose to host technology events. This city is growing in popularity as the technology powerhouse of Europe with the French Tech Movement.(Want to know more about La French Tech and theWelcome to France program? ).

Two major crypto and Blockchain summits choose Paris to host their flagship events: Paris Blockchain Week (PBW) and Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC).

Paris Blockchain Week is the biggest Blockchain & Digital Assets event in Europe. During the week, the most prominent blockchain companies host events and seminars to network and discuss the latest developments in the world of crypto. Events like meetups, keynotes, hackathons and parties are just some of the events that participates can attend.

PBWSummit is the flagship event of Paris Blockchain Week. Occurring in the Second Arrondissement of Paris, the influential and innovative event is the largest of the week, with more than 4,000 attendees and 250 speakers. Acclaimed people in the digital space come to share their insights on the crypto market and the prospects for the coming year.

EthCC is the largest annual European Ethereum event. Ethereum is a French non-profit and the second biggest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. The organization aims to mainstream blockchain and Ethereum in all French-speaking countries with the goal of everyone owning the technology.

The conference is focused on technology and community, hosting many opportunities for sharing and transmitting knowledge about blockchain technology. The 2022 event brought over 1,200 attendees and 250 speakers. For your conferences, contact Melissa Regan Agency to know our availability and how we can assist you.

Concurrent to the main PBWSummit and EthCC events are side events, including meetups, panels and parties. These weeks are excellent times for companies and organizations in this sector to make themselves known, assert notoriety and convey a positive and dynamic image of the company.

We at the MR Agency possess vast experience in showroom cultivation in Paris. We offer services for logistics and transportation, furniture sourcing, safety & security and anything else you may need. Our team of experienced event developers and external service providers will exactly know how to satisfy and meet your needs.

We equally know that choosing the ideal Paris showroom location is essential to optimizing your investments. Our venues are strategically set in the second and fifth arrondissements and in the key districts of Paris (see all the services we offer for the development of events).

If you are looking to set up a concurrent event for crypto week, do not hesitate to reach out to us at MR Agency. We are delighted to work to meet your most ambitious ideas and requests.

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