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2021 January

How are brands reacting this January 2021 Paris Fashion Week?


This end of January marked the start of what would appear to be a whole new functioning for fashion showrooms this season. Indeed, following world wide health measures due to the Covid-19 crisis, this January 2021 Fashion Week has been completely transformed compared to any previous January. The fashion shows of the major creators are taking place, such as Louis Vuitton for example, but the wholesale dynamic with Paris based fashion showrooms for the week, has completely been brought to a halt.

Brands are facing a complete reorganization concerning the presentation of their collections as well as their sales strategy. This Monday, and until the end of February, several men’s fashion showrooms have opened their doors for longer periods of time. Replacing the one-week sales campaigns, they are offering one to two-month sales campaigns this year. The appointements, both online and onsite for French clients, seem to be concentrated from Monday to Friday, where before, every day knew the same frenzy, not to mention the gatherings of avant-garde outfits in Parisian bars and cafes (oh how we miss it!).

Beyond the organization of many showrooms in Paris, brands have decided to set up virtual presentations to deal with this global pandemic which continues to affect the fashion sector. This trend continues and is not about to end, the agency can assist you in the creation of your virtual showroom in Paris.

The MR Agency, founded in 2016, manages numerous event spaces in Paris and has also had to adapt to the situation: we assist brands that present over the long-term and also assist in creating digital showrooms. In the Haut-Marais district or near Place Vendôme, the agency is supporting several brands for this 2021 edition of Fashion Week. In MR12 showroom (at Mont Thabor street), we welcome DELLALUI & CO, a leading brand in men’s sportswear in France. Gallery MR14 (located at rue Portefoin ) has transformed in a multi-brand showroom and MR80 (rue de Turenne) and VICOMTE A, a French brand that cultivates twisted elegance.

Fashion does not stop, it reinvents itself and MR Agency follow the trend by reinventing itself too so it can meet expectations.


What is the future for the next Fashion Week in Paris?


Many are now wondering about the next big comeback of Fashion Week in Paris : the real Fashion Week where all of Paris stays awake for a week, where photographers, buyers and brands mingle in the crowd, craziness and effervescence of this international fashion event.

Among The MR Agency’s network of clients, whether brands or buyers, people can’t wait to participate in the next real edition of Fashion Week in the capital. Even if many questions remain outstanding and unanswered, hope is here : it seems that everyone is optimistic for a return for fall 2021, on the occasion of Fashion Week for Women’s Fashion.


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