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The MR Agency: Expansion

The MR Agency: Expansion

2021 November

Since 2016, MR Agency specializes in event organization and temporary rental of unique spaces in Paris. Our agency manages 14 company-owned locations, as well as offering other services such as exceptional gallery and apartment rentals, conference organization, art and design exhibitions, event management, showroom organization, and wedding organization. We now have expanded beyond that and into the real estate industry in Paris under the name of MR Agency Real Estate, while still continuing maintaining our original services to our clientele.

Why and how?


It is based upon the foundation of the unique experience in the acquisition of properties, that MR Agency launches new services through MR Agency Real Estate. Being the point of contact for individuals and professionals from all over the world has allowed us to surpass common real estate difficulties, especially within buying, renting and searching for properties in Paris. Between the long and complex administrative procedures, the particularities of each Parisian neighborhood and their atmosphere, settling in the French capital can quickly become a source of anxiety. The MR Agency Real Estate’s vocation is to accompany you through these steps and questions in order to make this time spent on relocation as stress-free and simple as possible. More than a will, it is a wish to put our skills at your disposal.

Who is MR Agency Real Estate?


At MR Agency Real Estate we are more than an agency, we are above all a first point of contact when questions or concerns arise in a process. Whether you are a professional or a private individual, we accompany you during your relocation to Paris, your search, acquiring, or sale of a property (Find out more about our properties for sale and rent). We have a strong international team of individuals that offer personalized services in order to best assist and fulfill needs in any real estate process. The team behind MR Agency Real Estate shares with you our advice and knowledge, both on real estate and on Parisian life in order to best facilitate and smoothen your arrival in the capital.

Our tailor-made services



MR Agency Real Estate understands the complexity of moving to France, especially to Paris. That’s why the agency offers tailor-made, personalized and comprehensive services to meet all of your needs.

The team can be considered your personal guide in Paris and will assist you in administrative and banking procedures as well as in project management. We are able to personalize your experience to best suit you according to your needs, whether that be a decoration project, finishing works, search for a garage or parking space, as well as coordinating your move. Our team is committed to providing the best possible support for your relocation.


Property hunting

Searching for a property can be long and complicated without a thorough knowledge of the Parisian neighborhoods. This is exactly why MR Agency Real Estate offers this complete and customizable service. Whether you are a professional looking for a 3/6/9 lease in Paris or a private individual looking for a flat for sale, we can help you with your property for sale or rent project (flats, offices, shops etc.). For that, our team puts its knowledge, network and address book at your disposal.  After making all of this information available to you, we are able to find and offer the best possible options to specifically suit you and your requisites.

Predeceasing the search, we also put forward certain services to ease the entire process on your end. These services include but are not limited to: the analysis of the district according to your needs, and an accompaniment on the legal aspects for the signature and management of project. While we try to handle and complete as much as we can in property search so that it isn’t so that it isn’t as much of a headache, you will always be a part of the process every step of the way.

Selling property

Trying to sell a property without a good network and affinity with the real estate sector is more than challenging. With an assiduous knowledge of real estate management, an international clientele and a large network of professionals and buyers, we are able to efficiently manage and house the sale of your property.

Our agency offers all the necessary and tailor-made services to accompany you in this sales as professional photography, creation of marketing material, targeted marketing according to the property and more. If you are seeking further assistance, the agency has the capacity to undertake and finance beautification works as needed. Collaborating with MR Agency Real Estate means benefiting from a worldwide network of potential and serious buyers, thus guaranteeing the rental or sale of your property in a timely manor.

Why MR Agency Real Estate is right for you?


The substantial experience of The MR Agency in events attests to a thorough knowledge of 360 event project management. By creating MR Agency Real Estate, we simply deport our skills in real estate management but instead on a long term or permanent basis. Beyond the skills, The MR Agency is also a team that expands its network, address book and places-to-be in the capital on a daily basis.

If you are concerned with the purchase or sale of property, transfer, and/or relocation, we invite you to contact us by phone or by mail. The entire MR Agency Real Estate team will be happy to assist you with your project.

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