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2021 January

Parisian culture life radically shut down anew with the announcement of the second lockdown October 29th, 2020. While museums, cinemas and theatres remain closed, Parisians can still access certain cultural expressions via private exhibitions.

In order to support the Parisian cultural scene, The MR Agency launched a call to project for emerging artists to submit their work and get a chance to organize a three day solo exhibition at the MR80 Galerie. Located in the heart of cultural Le Marais district, next to Galerie Perrotin and Musée Picasso, and on Rue de Turenne, the MR80 Galerie is an ideal location to showcase artistic projects. The venue offers an extensive exhibition space, large window overlooking rue de Turenne, as well as long white walls for hanging art and visuals, and an adjustable lighting systems. Its minimalist and elegant style allows artists’ of all kind to present their works.

Starting from December 20th, when the contest was first announced on The MR Agency social media platforms, 64 emerging artists submitted their work by December 31st. The 10 artists that stand out the most will have a special mention with one final winner announced. Exact dates for the exhibition at Galerie MR80 to follow. Both local and international participants have taken a part in the MR Agency call to a project and the team is glad to present the names of those that most caught its eye: Adrien Ledoux, Berenice Fuguard, Dadave, Etienne Boschet, Florence Lucas, Matti Su, Sylvain Polony, Valerie Novello and Yannick Saillet. Thank you to every single one who took the time and showed an interest in the contest.

With every artist being unique at its crafts, the MR Agency is honoured to announce the final winner – Stéphanie Langard. A graduate of several art schools including Art Centre College of Design in Los Angeles, School of Art & Design in Reims and Domus Academy in Milan. Stéphanie Langard has since participated in numerous exhibitions on a global scale. Some of the names include Duo Show with Hopare in Paris, Pavillon des Savoir-Faire in Moscow, Artist Residence – Monumental Wood Sculpture exhibition in Château Montus, France and many others. An expert in ceramic crafts, the artist creates unique and elegant home interior design objects that reveal the concept of otherness and notions of displacement, balance, metamorphosis, growth and decrease of matter. Not only a visual artist, but also an interior designer and the artistic director, Stéphanie Langard contributes her vision and talent towards various cultural sectors. Most recently, the artist has lead the creation of a high-end aesthetic centre in Dubai and took the opportunity to design a space that is functional, yet endowed with soul and realised with the help of local craftsmen and the most unique and beautiful materials. Additionally, Stéphanie Langard’s handmade sculptural ceramics have been chosen by 1000 Vases organization for their collaboration with French designer Jacquemus and his annual sales pop-up in Paris.

Now and again, congratulations to the winner of the MR Agency Holiday contest as well as thank you to the rest of the participants! The MR Agency hosts many exhibitions throughout the year, offering a one-stop solution for artists and designers who wish to organize exhibitions or private previews in Paris. The Agency’s goal is to support you in your organization of an unforgettable exhibition in adequacy with your values and your universe. For the duration of the occasion, The MR Agency ensures the smooth running of your event to allow you to take care of your customers and invited guests.

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