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2020 January

Four time a year, the French capital becomes a Mecca for the fashion industry. But this year, fashion week is in the middle of a nation wide strike also affecting Paris.  With fashion week approaching, how to be best prepared in light of the French strikes?

It’s possible to have « black days » during the Paris strike, which means days when Parisian  transportation is stopped. January 16 is currently planned to be a dark day in Paris, therefore we advise you try to organise your deliveries early in the morning or the day before. Another great idea, is to prepare moving around Paris in advance.  Download RATP and CityMapper applications, which will indicate the best routes to take to be on time for your appointments.  Walking is also a great option, and allows you to discover new neighborhoods at the same time.

The best thing to do during this period is to book your hotel or Airbnb near central metro lines that are the most likely to keep running and main routes that have taxi lanes so you can best get around for daily rdv’s and client dinners. 
Working with MR Agency, we can also assist you with pre booking a driver who can stay with you all day or to pick you up at the airport upon arrival.

MR Agency galleries are very well located, 7 of these are in Le Marais, where a large majority of the fashion week showrooms are happening. For example, near the Picasso museum, rue de Turenne, and the Vosges place, as well as in the 8th district. 

Both the Marais and the 8th are well serviced by the line 8 and line 1 metro, which may be your fastest way to get around.  But your best friend will still be the line 1, as it is an automated line and not dependent upon a driver showing up for work..  If you have reserved our gallery MR12 (Mont Thabor street) near of the place Vendôme, you can  use the Tuileries station (where the line 1 pass) that will remain operational.  The line 14 is also open all the day, and it will allow you to go to the most famous place of the city.

If you haven’t booked your showroom for the next Fashion Week yet, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for visit and privatize your special place!  We are available during this next fashion week for visits, despite the Paris strikes!

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