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Aqua Mater


Aqua Mater

2022 April

MR Agency is proud to announce its collaboration with “Aqua Mater”, the exhibition of Brazilian photographer Sebastiao Salgado inside an architectural structure entirely made of bamboo designed by Simón Vélez.

Are you looking for a unique exhibition to privatize for an event, cocktail party or private party? A splendid and original place to gather your internal teams, to thank your customers or any other occasion?

Call MR Agency to privatize Pavillon Contemplation for up to 180 guests in the middle of the esplanade of La Défense. Otherwise, buy your single ticket entry via Fever’s ticketing.


A renowned photographer…


Born in Brazil in 1944, Sebastião Salgado is a global renowned artist.
After graduating in economics, he became interested in photography and became self-taught student at 29. With years of experience, he gradually evolved into a humanist artist and collaborated with Doctors Without Borders to become an official representative of UNICEF in 2001.

It’s through his adventures centered on human, environmental and social themes that Salgado completes his work, which shows a clear commitment to these causes. The series of photos exhibited for “Aqua Mater” brings together the most beautiful shots of the Brazilian photographer around the issue of water shortage and its fragility as it is so precious to humanity. The Pavillon Contemplation houses a real deep experience in the universe of Sebastião.


…in an eco-responsible structure…


Encompassing 1000m2, the Contemplation Pavilion is a structure made entirely of Guada, a thick bamboo that grows abundantly in Colombian wetlands.
Simón Vélez, heir of architects, has been a specialist in bamboo constructions since his beginnings. He has been able to apply this type of construction to many international events, such as the World Fairs in Hanover in 2000 and Shanghai in 2010.

Although the structure of Pavillon Contemplation has already been used in Arles in 2018 for the famous Rencontres d’Arles, the construction had to meet an unusual challenge to mount this architectural work. It has taken the French team eight weeks of assembly, starting in late January and ending in late March 2022.

Accompanying this photographic and architectural journey, an exceptional sound environment. Water-themed, it was composed by François-Bernard Mâche, composer and member of the Académie des Beaux-Arts. Through numerous natural sounds pre-recorded during his travels, Mâche offers us a musical work surfing on the poetry of Sebastiao Salgado’s photographs and his view on water.


…to the values we hold dear.


Water is the most important common good of humanity, but its resources are threatened due to global warming and pollution. It is placed at the center of this exhibition of photographs by the famous Sebastião Salgado.

Each photograph represents a poetic vision of the element through landscapes, human and animal portraits.

This exhibition compliments and critiques the condition of water and the urgency of its depletion caused by harmful human actions.

Sponsored by UNESCO, Pavillon Contemplation, through its committed exhibition and its eco-responsible structure, advocates the defense and preservation of endangered elements. MR Agency is very sensitive to this commitment. Through the training of its teams and the services and locations that our agency offers, we do our best to reduce the environmental impact that our agency could have (see the venues we offer and our services).


To privatize this unique exhibition and venue, is to promise yourself quality events: seated dinners, cocktails, inaugurations and many others.
Depending on the privatization and your needs, MR Agency will be able to provide its catering services such as No More Penguins, an event caterer with a wealth of experience, notably at the Carnavalet Museum and Palais Galliera.Discover all our services to accompany you during your events.

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