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The events industry at the start of this year.  What is possible to organise in France as 2022 kicks off


The events industry at the start of this year. What is possible to organise in France as 2022 kicks off

2022 January

The surge of the Omicron variant has prompted French authorities to put in place restrictions to stem the epidemic.  In fear of further restrictions, some clients are reluctant to move forward on their 2022 plans.

The MR Agency is nevertheless optimistic in the current context; the Omicron variant, which has been associated with fewer severe forms, is seen as a milder form of the virus spreading exponentially which should ultimately allow us to lead us closer to herd immunity and more “normal” lives.

Today, we still have multiple possibilities for organizing events, be it weddings, exhibitions, pop-ups, conferences, photo shoots or even openings.

The true impact of restrictions 

Apart from nightclubs, which were closed through January 3 then further extended for a further three weeks minimum, everything else open to the public remains open.

Indeed, although subject to wearing a mask and to presenting a health pass (complete vaccination schedule, PCR / anti-gene test or a Covid recovery certificate), cultural venues, exhibition venues, halls and municipal premises, shows and fairs are open on condition that a maximum capacity of 2000 people is respected.

Bars, cafes and restaurants are still open, as are shops.

The only restriction is prohibiting the consumption of drinks or food while standing, which prevents the organization of cocktail parties, for example.

As for retail stores, there are still no restrictions. The opening hours have not changed and the Department Stores (Galeries Lafayette, Printemps, Bon Marché, etc.) are still open. Therefore it’s still possible to organize a pop-up to market your collections. (see our locations available on our website).

Regarding weddings, full steam ahead with nuptial plans.  The only restriction is in the town hall, where the number of people invited must not exceed a certain threshold. (See our services concerning the organization of a wedding).

Let’s stay optimistic 

Even if the world renowned trade show Maison et Objets and Rétromobile have decided to postpone their editions scheduled for January and February to March 2022, Art Capital will be held from February 16 to 20, 2022 at the temporary Grand Palais at Champ de Mars, is maintained.

Talking fashion, despite the cancellation of London Fashion Week, those in Milan and Paris are fully expected to be held. Regarding Paris Fashion Week, there is no current indication of a potential cancellation.

To date, only Armani has announced that it will not maintain its shows. It remains to be seen whether the other companies will be more optimistic. In any case, we expect both physical and digital shows (as we have seen in previous seasons) to present the new spring-summer 2022 collections.

We insist on the fact that as long as no food or drink is served to standing people and that the maximum capacity of 2000 people indoors (and 5000 outdoors) is respected, the organization of an event does not cause a problem. (Learn more about what the restrictions were for Fashion Week 2021 ” how brands are reacting about the January and February 2021 fashion week).

Strict compliance with barrier gestures and the presentation of a health pass at the entrance to each event ensure the security necessary for the organization of these events.

Thus, The MR Agency team assists you in setting up exhibitions, vernissages, “pop-ups” in commercial premises, showrooms, conferences, seated dinners or even photo and filming sessions.

Our Wedding branch remains active in organizing weddings scheduled for 2022 and 2023.

Do not hesitate to contact us regarding the rental of our spaces or the organization of your events. We remain available for any information relating to your next project.

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